We Will Not Forget

Remembering My Father, David Garcia

By: Dylan Garcia

When the topic of my father comes to mind, the numbers of memories I have with him are small and vivid. But something I do remember was his smile. I didn't realize it when I was three or four, but today I know that whenever I see that memory of him lifting my little body up and smiling into my face, I know that he was proud of me. Now I'm fourteen and ten years later I can still see the image of him; it still means so much to me.

Every year I go on a trip to a family camp in Maine where our family has been going to ever since I was a couple months old. And during this week period most of the memories I have of my father come back to me because of the strong community there that I grew up with. The most unforgettable moment I have there with my father and I was the time he caught a northern pike about two feet long. He held it up on a rope when he got back and I was standing on the beach astounded because the fish was almost as big as me. Now whenever I go back to that spot on the beach where I was standing, I can almost see his image standing over me with that fish.

Again, four years old is not a long time but it was a whole lifetime for me at the time. And that's why it seems I can remember all the little things that might have happened on a daily basis. Like Banging piano keys, running around the house, and playing with toy cars. But most of all is seeing my dad come home at seven o'clock and me running into his arms and being lifted into the air.

To me David Garcia is still in my heart as a great person, strong builder, and a genius mathematician. But most of all, my dad.

Dylan, Son of David and Debrah Garcia - Age 14