We Will Not Forget

Remembering My Dad

By: Pharr Ayn Bowder

You were the one, who taught me how to ride my bike,
The one who'd play with me in the snow,
The one, who would pick out the raisins for me, from the trainl mix,
And go down to the kitchen late at night to get me a cup of apple juice.
When I was scared to sleep by myself, you'd come and sleep on my floor.
You would pick me up when I was tired,
And I'd listen to your velvet voice, lying on your shoulder.
Now you're starting to fade from my memory,
Your voice,
Your face,
Your touch,

The one thing I still remember is my nickname, "Baby doll".
After you left, everyone started calling me by that name.
I used to cry whenever I heard it,
I'd run up to my room crying,
Just trying to understand; "Why?"
"Why did God take you from me?"
I even hoped that we could go back in time to that day,
So I could stop you from going to work,
Stop you from getting on that train,
Anyway I could,
I would do it.

But I'm better now,
I don't cry every day,
Because I don't think you would want me to,
I feel like you would be upset
if I didn't make an effort to be happy
And have fun.
I still think about you in certain moments,
When people talk about their "dads"
Or parents in general,
Or when 9/11 is brought up on school,
You pop up in my mind a lot.
The memory of you may fade,
But it will never go away.
And no one will ever take your place.
I love and miss you soooo much daddy,
And one day,
I will see you again.

-Baby Doll
(Aka) Pharr Ayn Bowser
Daughter of Kevin Leah Bowser