We Will Not Forget Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board / CEO
Michele Ritter

Co-Founder, Twin Towers Orphan Fund
Founder, America's Child
Founder, Beacon Emergency Relief
Owner, Terraformers, Internet Presence and Server Applications Provider
Past Director, COMPASS, Mental Health Diagnostics

Richard Williamson

Kern County Fire Department

Dean Baer

Owner, Dean J. Baer, LLC

Mary Virginia Pittman-Waller

Founder, MVPs Welcome Home - Wounded Warriors Initiative, USA

Patrick Danahy

By: William, Kathleen and Alison Danahy

My Dad was Patrick Danahy. I don't really remember much about my Dad, what what I do know is that he changed many lives including mine. Everyone who knew my dad says that I'm just like him. I look like him and act like him.

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