We Will Not Forget
Our Last Family Photo (and my 2nd birthday) 05/19/2001
Daddy too me to the George Washington Bridge 07/29/2001
Fun time with Daddy 02/20/2000

In Loving Memory of My Father Weibin Wang

Dear Dad,

It's been almost 10 years now. Not a moment do I stop thinking about you. I always imagine you by my side, whether I am enjoying myself, or I am stuck in trouble.

I was 2 years old when you passed away, too young to know what happened. Now I am 12, and I'm so sad that my faint memories of you are fading....

Over the years, I have realized how hard it is to live without you. Whenever I go skiing with my friends, I think about you. I hear from my mom how you used to take us to the Poconos to ski. People focus on the significant moments. I wish you were there to see me at the school Academic Bowl. I wish you could hear me play violin at All County Orchestra. I wish you are part of the annual award ceremony at my weekend language school. And you would also love my oil paintings at the art show. For all the great times in my life, I wish you could be there to share my happiness and accomplishment.

Throughout the past ten years, mom, brother and sister all have told me a lot about you. From them I know that you are a talented artist, creative cook, dedicated scientist, and successful computer programmer/analyst. Most of all, you are a devoted and adoring father.

You have always excelled in academics. I hope to follow your footsteps to be successful in the field I am going to. So far in school, I have straight A's. I also attend Math Olympiad as well as Challenge, a harder class for the smart children. Mom has always been telling me about your great feats. You earned your PhD from Columbia University, co-authored six scientific papers of which four as the lead author and those papers have been cited 63 times(as of 9/11/2001) by other scientists who are furthering your work. As a competent and high-achieving senior programmer/analyst, you initiated and made three great inventions for the company within two years. Three patents were made based on your inventions. These aren't exactly the easy things to do for a person. I will surely try my best to do well in the future to honor you and make you feel proud.

There will always be terrorists, dad, and we cannot help that fact. I went through so much pain due to my personal loss. However, we can try to keep them from harming us in a way like 9/11. I will try to make a difference in the future and keep terrorists near the far side of the world, far away from civilization. I will always love you dad, and I will keep you dear to my heart.

Love Forever,