We Will Not Forget

My Father, David Ferrugio

By: Gina Ferrugio

"It doesn't get any better than this" Those are the words I remember hearing from my father the most. "It" means life, his life. Whether it was lounging by the pool with an ice cold beer, smoking a cigar, or spending time with his friends and family, he simply enjoyed the small things in life. I miss his laugh the most. It's hard to explain, but I miss the true essence of him and just having him around. He was such a fun, loving, happy guy.

When he never came home on September 11th, I had a hard time believing that life would be great again, or that I'd ever hear myself say "It doesn't get any better than this." A lot has changed, but I've learned that there is still joy in life even though the sadness never goes away.

He was the best person I've ever met. It sounds cliché, but I'd say that even if he was still around. What keeps me going is remembering the person he was and the life he led. He was healthy, young, funny, and had a way of making you feel good. And the people who knew him loved him right back. He's my constant reminder to live life to fullest, because he did, even though it was cut short.

This page can't fit all the wonderful stories about my dad or what he's taught me. If I ever have children of my own one day I hope I can leave them with the same love he gave me. Now-a-days there are still tears, but more smiles and laughs about the memories. I wish I had more time with him but the time I did have I'm so very grateful for.

It's important to never to forget what happened, not just to my father, but to all the innocent and brave people who lost their lives that day. I lost not just a parent, but a friend and role model. My dad was a living example of everything I want to be. I miss him everyday.